GMercyU School of Business Preparing for Trip to Italy

GMercyU Study Abroad Italy

Author: Danielle M. Rainier ’17
Marketing, Gwynedd Mercy University

When looking for a college to attend, the ability to study abroad was one important factor in the school I would end up choosing. I wanted to be able to take every experience I could get while in college. As most people say, your twenties are the time to travel as much as you can. In choosing Gwynedd Mercy University, I not only was given the opportunity to study abroad but also travel across the country on various service related trips.

In less than a week, I will be traveling all over the beautiful country of Italy with other GMercyU students as part of the School of Business’ Study Abroad program. This is not my first trip with the School of Business. When I said I was going to take every opportunity I could get, I was serious. During my sophomore year, I was able to travel to both Scotland and London with the School of Business. This trip not only gave me the opportunity to travel to another country, but also gave me the bug for more travel. Read More

8 Ways to Cope With Stress During Final Exams

Cope with stress before finals

AUTHOR: Rose Baldino
Counseling Services, Intern

Final exam week is one of the most stressful times of the year for college students. A survey from 2015 by the American College Health Association found that 21.9 percent of students said that within the last 12 months, anxiety had affected their academic performance, defined as receiving a lower grade on an exam or important project, receiving an incomplete, or dropping a course.
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GMercyU Career Development: The Season of Giving

Career Development

Author: Kara Brown
Associate Director of Career Development, Gwynedd Mercy University

If you have ever visited Gwynedd Mercy University‘s Career Development Career, we will tell you the importance of developing your skills through academic experiences, leadership experiences, externships, internships, and part-time jobs in order to be successful in your career. However, you can also develop important job skills through volunteering.  Volunteering helps both people and the community. You are also making an impact on your own life because you will open yourself up to new opportunities and networks of people.

The Career Development Center encourages you to participate in a volunteer experience this holiday season. We also challenge you to commit to that experience even after the holiday season, and we’ll join you in this challenge.

Director of the Career Development Center Nick Schaefer has committed to volunteer with the World Wildlife Fund as a Panda Ambassador, where he will work to influence government officials to protect the wildlife and environment. Associate Kara Brown has committed to providing resume workshops to adults and teens at the local YMCA.

Please share your own volunteer experiences with us. If you need some ideas of how/where to get started, we have provided a list of volunteer opportunities taking place this holiday season. If you need additional ideas please visit us in the Keiss Library and Learning Commons or email us at

  • Collect and serve holiday meals for families in need.
  • Collect and serve new toys for children for the holiday season with Toys for Tots.
  • Help build a home in the area with Habitat for Humanity.
  • Spend time with individuals in nursing homes and/or shelters.
  • Volunteer your time at a local ASPCA or animal shelter.
  • Send holiday care packages to troops.
  • Become a Big Brother or Big Sister. 
  • Tutor or babysit for a family in need.

Five Skills You Gain During Alternative Spring Break That Help You in the Workforce

GMercyU students participate in ASB in San Carlos, AZ

GMercyU ASB students take a break from volunteering in San Carlos, AZ


By: Kelli Connelly, junior communications student at GMercyU

Experiencing Alternative Spring Break (ASB) gives you the opportunity to enhance skills that you can transfer into the workforce. During ASB, you have the opportunity to travel and serve others, while also strengthening leadership qualities that can help you after graduation.

“New experiences and skills gained from ASB can help students when they transfer into the work force,” said Lauren DuCharme, Campus Minister.

Below are five skills you can learn on this year’s ASB trips, which are to San Carlos, Arizona; Cincinnati, Ohio; Benson, Vermont; or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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The Home Stretch: Regional Pollster Shares His Thoughts on the 2016 Election With GMercyU Community


Chris Borik, PhD, explains favorable ratings in previous presidential elections during the first Campus Conversation.

There are just a few weeks left until Election Day, and it’ll be one for the record books regardless of who wins. The School of Arts and Sciences has focused this semester’s Campus Conversations series on the election, with the aim of engaging students and faculty in meaning discussions about relevant topics.

Director of the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion Chris Borik, PhD, used his knowledge as a pollster to share information on campaign strategies, poll results, and Pennsylvania’s role in this election.

For those of you who couldn’t join us in person, here are the top five takeaways from the discussion:

  1. The candidates are historical…

We all know that Hillary Clinton is the first woman to receive a major party’s nomination to run for president of the United States, but even Republican Donald Trump is one-of-a-kind. The businessman and reality TV star is the only candidate aside from Dwight D. Eisenhower who has never held public or elected office. General Eisenhower, however, served in the military for more than 40 years and was considered a war hero. Read More

GMercyU School of Education Alum Shares Lessons From First Few Weeks Teaching

James Bender, left, at Honors Convocation

James Bender, left, gets his honors cords at Honors Convocation in April 2016.

Just before the start of his first school year as a teacher, James Bender ’16, took some time out of his busy schedule to reflect on his preparation from GMercyU’s School of Education. He offers some advice to students pursuing degrees in education. I recently accepted my first position as a teacher: I’ll be a long-term sub at Souderton Area High School. During my interview, I got some feedback that reinforced the topics we focused on in the classroom at GMercyU, and I wanted to express my eternal gratitude to the professors in the School of Education for their hard work preparing competent future educators. Now that I’ve landed my first job, I wanted to reach out and let current students know what they can expect when they enter the real world. Read More

Four Tips on How to Have School Spirit

How to Have School Spiriti - Color Run

Author: Danielle M. Rainier ’17
Marketing, Gwynedd Mercy University

Happy Homecoming Week! This week is all about school spirit here at Gwynedd Mercy University. What better way to prepare yourself for homecoming than to get tips on on how to have school spirit?

  1. Wear school apparel

    A simple shirt or hat can make a huge difference when showing school spirit. School apparel is very easy to come across, too. Gwynedd Mercy University often runs contests where the prize is apparel or a gift card to the bookstore. It’s good to take these opportunities and get the gear when it’s being offered to you. Once you have the apparel, wear it! It isn’t that hard to do and it makes you look great.

    Every week, the campus has spirit Friday. If you are found wearing GMercyU apparel, you receive a “You’ve Been MERVED!” card and entrance into a raffle for a prize. The winner is then picked on Monday. This could be you! Just wear your GMercyU gear on Fridays and keep an eye out.

  2. Support the Griffins

    Going to athletic events should be a given for having school spirit. By going, you are supporting a large population on campus – the student-athletes! Athletic events are where students show the most school spirit because your specific reason for being there is to cheer on your school. GMercyU offers a variety of athletics on campus…there is always a team to cheer on!

  3. Attend Programs

    Programs on campus may seem time consuming, but you can show a lot of school spirit by going to them. At programs, you are given the opportunity to meet fellow students and even fellow staff. Programs are a nice reprieve from the stress of college. There is not a day on campus where there is nothing planned. Check out the Events Page to see what’s happening on campus.

  4. Be Proud

    This is the easiest step to having school spirit. Your school is where you will be spending the next four years of your life. Just by being happy to be there, your time becomes more enjoyable. By doing the first three steps, you become more proud of your school because you become aware of their mission. Pride in your school is the best type of school spirit you can have.

Once you officially have school spirit, you can fully enjoy homecoming week. Check out events happening all week like Fall Fest, Red & Gold Pinterest Party, and more!

Five Albums That Got Me Through College


OneRepublic, The Script, and American Authors on June 28, 2014 at BB&T Stadium.

Author: Danielle M. Rainier ’17
Marketing, Gwynedd Mercy University

Music is one of the most important things in my life. While I am the worst singer in the world and can’t play an instrument for the life of me, I love music and listen to it every day. A person’s taste in music says a lot about them and throughout college I asked people about their favorite bands, last concerts they went to, or a dream festival lineup. Below is a list of the five albums that got me through college. Read More

Sister Angela Reed Speaks Out Against Human Trafficking at GMercyU’s Academic Convocation

Author: Danielle M. Rainier ’17 Marketing, Gwynedd Mercy University

Gwynedd Mercy University Vice President of Academic Affairs Frank Scully; Sister Angela Reed, RSM, PhD; and Associate Professor of Humanities Sister Ellen Murray, RSM, PhD, at GMercU’s Academic Convocation.

Author: Danielle M. Rainier ’17
Marketing, Gwynedd Mercy University

Students, faculty and staff had the honor of listening to this year’s Gwynedd Mercy University Academic Convocation keynote speaker Sister Angela Reed,  RSM, PhD, speak about sex trafficking.  Academic Convocation is an annual tradition that takes place GMercyU’s Mercy Week.

Sister Reed is a Sister of Mercy who has dedicated her time and research to speaking out about sex trafficking specifically in the Philippines. As a Sister of Mercy, Sister Reed addressed more than one critical concern of mercy in her presentation. Her thesis, Exploiting Vulnerability: A Study of the Lives of Filipino Women Who Have Been Trafficked into Sex Work, focuses on putting a face to the victims by telling the stories of 40 trafficked women. She challenges misconstrued views of sex trafficking and advocates for those suffering from it. Read More

A Week on the Rez


GMercyU students and staff with students on the Apache Native American Reservation.

Author: Danielle M. Rainier ’17
Marketing, Gwynedd Mercy University

Every year at Gwynedd Mercy University, students have the opportunity to participate in Alternative Spring Break (ASB). ASB is a week-long trip during spring break where students can travel out-of-state in a group with advisors to participate in service. I have had the opportunity to go to Cincinnati, Ohio and San Carlos, Arizona. Traveling to San Carlos, Arizona has to probably be the most life changing experience I have ever had.

Life on a Native American Reservation

San Carlos, Arizona is home to the Apache Native American Tribe. On this reservation, I, along with four other GMercyU students and two advisors stayed with alum Steven Rufe ’12. Each day, we would walk across the street to Rice Elementary, a school where Steven is in charge of student success and discipline. While there, we were given various placements around the campus. I spent most of my week with the second graders in the morning, sixth graders at lunch, and floating to wherever I was needed the rest of the afternoon. While our days were spent at the grade school from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., our evenings were spent traveling the reservation and surrounding area experiencing Arizona. Read More