Background and Mission


Formed in 1993, SEPCHE is a consortium of eight independent colleges and universities in the southeastern Pennsylvania region (Greater Philadelphia) who engage in a collaborative approach to the challenges of higher education and work together to promote quality and efficiency of academic programming, student access, faculty development, institutional operations and community outreach, through sharing a range of activities, services, technology and information.

The institutions offer degree and non-degree programs at the associate, baccalaureate, and graduate levels in liberal arts, pre-professional and professional studies. Together these institutions enroll more than 20,000 students and represent the third highest higher educational provider in the Delaware Valley (replete with more than 60 colleges and universities).

Collectively the Consortium awards more master’s degrees in education than any other institution in the State and is the largest provider of teaching credentials. The colleges are a major player in the under graduate and graduate degree study in nursing and other health-related programs.


The mission of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortium for Higher Education is to enhance the quality and efficiency of academic programming, student access, institutional operations, and community outreach at the members’ colleges through inter-institutional cooperation and technological linkages.