Who Can Participate in Cross Registration

Full-time undergraduate matriculated students paying full-time tuition at any SEPCHE member institution may register for up to two undergraduate courses a year at any other SEPCHE member institution provided they have fulfilled any prerequisites stated, that there is space available in the course and that the course or its equivalent is not given at the home institution in the same semester. Students must have completed at least one year as a full-time student at their home campus before taking courses through Cross Registration.

The Cross Registration program functions only in Fall and Spring semesters. Cross Registration is not available for accelerated or weekend courses, independent study, tutorials, internships, practicum field experience, student teaching experiences, private music lessons, or per credit hour or graduate students.


Students must adhere to the registration policies and deadlines of the host institution, including those for adding and dropping courses. Students are responsible for adjusting to differences in academic schedules and calendars.

Grading Practices

Grades received in courses taken through SEPCHE Cross Registration are calculated in the home campus grade-point average. If there are differences in grading schemes, that of the home institution will prevail.


Credits earned count toward graduation requirements on the home campus. Substitution of courses taken through Cross Registration for required courses in a major (or minor) requires special approval by the major (or minor) department or division of the home institution

Tuition and Fees

No tuition or fees will be charged by the host institution, except for special or extra fees that are part of courses taken, such as lab fees. The student is responsible for these fees, which will be collected by the home institution.

Other Information

Students are responsible for transportation to and from the host campus. There will be no additional charge for parking for SEPCHE students on the host campus. Students must follow normal procedures of the host campus to obtain campus identification and parking permit.

On issues of academic honesty, the policies of the host institution will prevail.