Faculty Speakers Bureau

Speaker Directory

The Faculty Speakers Bureau is a collaborative effort among the eight SEPCHE institutions (Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortium for Higher Education) to foster an inter-campus exchange of experts to benefit students at all member colleges and universities. Currently more than 50 faculty members are participating in the Faculty Speakers Bureau. Each is willing to present guest lectures to classes at another institution.

Those faculty members who are interested in seeing what this new project has to offer can search the Faculty Speakers Bureau list by topic, speaker or institution.

How to Use the Faculty Speakers Bureau

  1. Identify a faculty speaker through the F aculty Speaker Bureau pages and find the expert whom you would like to address your class.
  2. Once you find a speaker that might interest you, please contact that faculty member to be sure that the topic would fit into your course.
  3. Check with the Office of Academic Affairs at your campus for approval of guest speaker honorarium.
  4. Email your request to the public relations director at the campus of the selected speaker. Be sure to include the exact day and time that you want the guest expert in your class. The PR director will contact the desired speaker to determine availability.
  5. The PR director will inform you via email about your request. If the speaker is available, the PR director will put the two of you in contact to arrange all the details of the guest lecture.