Institute for Mathematics and Science

The SEPCHE Institute for Mathematics and Science, established in 2001 through a grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, is focused on preparing the next generation of leaders in the two most critical fields of world competitiveness, mathematics and science. The Institute advances math and science literacy and accomplishment in the region’s college and K-12 institutions, and ensur es that faculty are teaching and students gaining access to the latest pedagogies and best practices.


Collectively the Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortium for Higher Education awards more teaching credentials and master’s degrees in education than any other institution in Pennsylvania. As part of its ongoing commitment to high quality teaching and student achievement, SEPCHE is pleased to announce its 2010 Professional Development Series entitled “Teaching Math and Science within an Interdisciplinary Environment.” Scheduled in March through October 2010, these workshops and conferencesare designed by SEPCHE colleges and universities and address new and important pedagogies involving state of the art technology in mathematics and science.
SEPCHE’s widely-recognized professional development activities offer teachers opportunities to:

  • Learn new technologically-based pedagogies
  • Become acquainted with the most up to date instructional technology
  • Explore software and hardware that can be used in the classroom
  • Develop resources to advance student achievement
  • Meet and share resources with other teachers in the same field
  • Become a team member producing valuable teaching tools